As I write this, I am sat by an open window with the familiar smell of BBQ wafting through. It made me think about summer in the UK and how much I love BBQ food, and then got me thinking about foods that I miss here.

There hasn’t been lots that I’ve really thought ‘oh I really miss that’, but now I can smell it, I miss sausages and burgers-especially on a cooling summers evening. Strangely I’m also missing sausages, even though they’re not my favourite food. The other major food I’d kill for right now is cheese. You can get cheese out here, but it’s rubbery and not very nice. I also miss yoghurt and salad (which I’m sure my housemates will be shocked by!).

Here, we eat a LOT of rice. Fortunately I really like rice and it is cooked nicely and slightly sticky. There is also a name for the crunchy bit of the rice that gets stuck to the bottom of the pan, although I can’t remember it right now! We also have a lot of chicken, although the meat isn’t as nice as it is in the UK. The other day I finally tried Ugali. It really isn’t that exciting. A bit like stodgy, grainy mashed potato texture but with no taste. We also eat daga-it is a very small fish that you eat whole (eyes and all). I quite like it, although it has quite a fishy taste and have to mix it in with my rice so that I can’t see it looking at me whilst I eat it. My favourite fish here though is Sangala-The local hotel serve it fresh and it is really light and nice. The only way I can describe it is a very light flavour with a very soft meaty texture. I’m definitely going to be searching for it in the UK when I return. All the fish we get here is local-straight from the lake, which I can see from my window. At night, you see the boats fishing ready to bring in a batch of fresh fish for the morning.

All this talk of food is making me hungry now…


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